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Due to positive results experienced, a growing number of the nation's top physicians are commonly placing all their patients on DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X at varying dosage levels. AUTOIMMUNE-X is available direct from the organic grower without a prescription. Practitioners Call: 1-888-671-2873

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This bottle will last 32 days during the healing period. Once you have reached the Maintenance Period, this size bottle will last 4.5 months.



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Three Standard Large Bottles

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You can also print the form and fax it to us, including current copy of your practitioners license to: 954-320-7547 or by calling 1-888-671-2873.

DigestaCure® is classified as a natural food material.

No prescription required. No side-effects. No reactions with medications, foods or supplements.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Return Policy: *Any unopened bottle with the safety seal intact may be returned within 180 days of purchase for a full product purchase price refund. Customers are responsible for providing an address where packages may be received without problem or incident. We cannot be responsible for missing or lost shipments due to incorrect or problem addresses submitted. P.O. Boxes are also acceptable. *A 20% restocking charge will be applied to refused, abandoned, unclaimed, or rejected packages only. "Rejected" includes shipments which are returned from customers who ordered, but who never tried the product. Customers who order and receive the free book, then return unused product and keep the book, will be debited the retail price of the book. Due to the inability to monitor usage, there are no refunds on opened product containers returned for any reason. Due to potential tampering issues, by law, opened product containers cannot be resold and must be destroyed. Product discounts apply to product which is purchased and consumed, not to product which is purchased and returned. This product will detoxify the body from harmful bacterial, viral, parasitic, yeast, and fungal infestations. The purchaser acknowledges that detoxification symptoms can always be avoided by following directions and staying in touch with customer service for readjustments if necessary. The company also reserves the right to discontinue sales and service to any individual for any reason. In regard to international shipments, we do not calculate foreign tariffs, duties, or customs charges for they vary with each country and change continually.

INGREDIENTS: A proprietary blend of Immune Modulating Components consisting of: Stabilized long-chain polymannan and polysaccharide molecules, stabilized mannose molecules, stabilized glucomannans, stabilized glucopolymannans, stabilized medium and short chain polysaccharides, stabilized mucopolysaccharides, stabilized glycoproteins, stabilized glycolipids. Also contains trace amounts of natural plant minerals. All ingredients are extracted from a cultured 20th generation aloe botanical which has been bred to produce Immune Modulating Components from one to over ten million Dalton.


DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® is Not a drug. DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® is a natural food material yielding no side effects or reactions with medications. There are No Contraindications of any type. DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®may be taken anytime, with or without food, medications, or supplements.


DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® is a concentrated extract of long-chain immune modulating components from a cultured 20th generation Aloe botanical (No genetic manipulation) which has been bred to produce modulating components in high quality and quantity. DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains long-chain immune modulators ranging from 1 million Dalton to over 10 million Dalton. Each capsule of DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains 500mg.


What is an Immune Modulator, and what is a Dalton?

An immune modulator is a natural, plant-derived microscopic structure designed by nature for the support and restoration of the immune systems in mammals. For the last 70 years, through procedures designed for profits, the food industry has unintentionally yet progressively depleted the immune modulating components from the food supply. This depletion is directly correlated to the rise of autoimmune conditions.


A "Dalton" is a unit of molecular weight dictating chain length of the microscopic structure. The scientific community has defined structures of One Million Dalton and higher as "Immune Modulators" or "Healing Orchestrator's."  DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains long-chain immune modulators ranging from 1 million Dalton to over 10 million Dalton.


DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® is 100% pure and 100% natural, with no negative side effects. It is completely non-toxic. DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains No yeast, No corn, No wheat, No gluten, No soy, No dairy, No fillers, No preservatives, No animal products, No Latex, No Aloin, and is suitable for vegetarians. The capsule is a certified kosher vegetable based "veggie cap." (No Gelatin)



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