Twenty Years of Research and Development has yielded:

DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®

Our History:
In the year 1997, research began on the development and testing of a comprehensive formula designed to provide vital and uncommon components of communication to human immune cells. Twenty years of research and development has yielded DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®. Pristine Nutraceuticals has developed proprietary processing and stabilization technology effective in the isolation, stabilization, and concentration of high Dalton range Immune Modulating Components from organic Aloe botanicals.

We are fully committed in providing you, with The Ultimate Healing Nutraceutical.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to make the greatest possible positive impact on world health by continuing to provide the purest and most effective Immune Modulating Nutraceutical manufactured anywhere in the world.

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Pristine Nutraceuticals, LLC.,
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