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DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®
500 mg Capsules
1 Bottle Package (270 Capsules)
DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® Is the Stabilized Aloe Polymannose Complex, (Immune Modulators) in pure form, found within, and functioning as The Orchestrator Molecules, in all of the other formulas below. The healing power of the AUTOIMMUNE-X® formula has been repeatedly demonstrated by patients and the nation’s top integrative and natural healing practitioners over the last twelve years. No substance known to man compares in modulation accuracy, or has more scientific evidence behind it, than the Immune Modulators found in DigestaCure®AUTOIMMUNE-X®
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The Stabilized Aloe Polymannose Complex, (Immune Modulators) In Pure Form, Found Within, And Functioning As The Orchestrator Molecules, In All The Other Formulas Below. The Healing Power Of The AUTOIMMUNE-X® Formula Has Been Repeatedly Demonstrated By Patients And The Nation’s Top Integrative And Natural Healing Practitioners Over The Last Ten Years.